Do Not Ignore Home Protection Spot Checks on a Yearly Basis

Think about the complications that would occur if companies did not prevent accidents through the use of safety rails and guardrails. High-risk jobs such as window washers of high rise office buildings, construction workers on huge building sites, and traffic workers on busy highways would definitely be in grave danger. A far-sighted proprietor will be certain that his employees are protected from danger in every way possible. This includes appropriate safety measures in the form of detailed instruction and also safety equipment such as helmets and body gear to prevent injury from job-related perils. Another way to protect workers is by providing sufficient insurance coverage for each person employed. This form of coverage is compulsory and guarantees that anyone who suffers from a job-related injury will get the medical attention that he needs and deserves.

Interestingly, most accidents take place in a private residence or in close vicinity to the home and many times correct safety precautions are not followed. Because we all consider our home to be our safe haven we can sometimes neglect even the simplest things that can make our homes more protected. It is easy to take for granted that all home operations are working properly and that everyone inside is safe. Here are six easy safeguards we all can make to rest easier about the level of our home safety.

  1. All cleaning supplies and anything poisonous to children or pets should be contained in a locked cabinet. There are accidental deaths every year due to these materials laying out around the house and garage areas.
  1. Electrical cords should always be checked to be sure they are not frayed but in good condition. Some people think that cords for appliances and lamps can be run underneath carpets and area rugs and this is an untrue conclusion and can lead to a fire hazard.
  1. Any weighty furnishings should be securely positioned so that young children are not at risk from pulling it over on them. Televisions especially are sometimes a real problem because they are not fastened to the stand they are sitting on and they can be accidentally pulled toward the child while he or she is in the process of turning it on to view.
  1. Throw rugs are notorious for being the cause of slips and fall in the home. Older people especially are at risk of falling due to one of these rugs being used without a non-skid backing on it. Many serious injuries are caused because a throw rug or non-secured bathmat is thought to be a decorative touch but instead it becomes an accident risk.
  1. Burns can be prevented by at all times taking care of anything cooking on the stove and by the simple act of turning pot handles inward away from people walking by the stove. There have been many reported accidental burns reported from children pulling pans over on them and also from flames originating from pots and pans on hot burners that people have turned on and walked away from. A fire alarm in good working order is vital as a means of informing the homeowner when this occurs.
  1. Window blinds with cord adjustments are in addition a basis of countless home accidents. Young children love to play with these cords and can be effortlessly tangled in them causing a choking hazard. It is a good idea to keep the cords fastened securely out of the reach of young people so they are not tempted to play with them in an unsafe manner.

Bio: Mark has been in the home improvement work in the United States for more than 3 years. He personally also won the first place in local creative decoration. In addition to being an architect, Mark also works as a part-time trainer taught people how to basic training waist.

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