How to Select A My Bar Chair To Set My Kitchen Interior

How to choose my bar chair The fashion in interior architecture is at the compartmentalization, the spirit loft with the coast: the kitchens open on the living rooms and the parts tend to merge. This is why the bar chair becomes a central element of decoration, it is a queen in front of the work plan of trendy kitchens. Plexiglas or wood, retro or contemporary style, find the bar stool that matches your style.


In order to easily access the open kitchen worktop while being perfectly installed, you have the choice between different types of high chair and bar stool. If you want to buy best kitchen bar stools online click here.

A high chair is composed of a base, most often with an integrated footrest, a seat and a backrest, sometimes extended by armrests. The bar stool, meanwhile, does not include backrest or armrest. If you hesitate between these two products, test different models to appreciate the comfort.

If high chairs are in fashion, it is mainly because of the generalization of open kitchens. The younger generations do not want to isolate themselves to prepare meals. In the interest of conviviality and sharing, the making of meals is now an integral part of evenings with friends, far from the formalism of stilted dinners dating back only a few years.

In this context, it becomes important to take care of every detail and the high chair is revealed without complex. More comfortable than a bar stool, it allows your guests to settle down without problems, whether you have an American kitchen or a central island. You match the color of chairs to that of your kitchen, but you can also bet on transparency, to ensure continuity with the living room.

If you want to mark the bar space and differentiate it from the adjoining rooms, bet on a contrasting chair color. If this space is only used occasionally, you can opt for a visually lighter bar stool.


In order to buy the bar chair that fits your table perfectly, expect a difference of about thirty centimeters between the table and the seat. For a snack area with a table of about 90 centimeters, chair or bar stool with a height between 60 and 70 centimeters are suitable. This height is also suitable for older people, who experience less difficulty sitting with conventional models.

In the case of a bar or a worktop which also serves as a dining table, the chairs generally reach 80 centimeters, for a table of 110 centimeters. And for greater convenience, do not hesitate to crack for a height-adjustable model.


Stackable, tulip base or four feet … the devices are many, to meet your requirements as closely as possible. Thus, if for lack of space you have opted for a bar area instead of a dining room, the stackable chairs will prove very practical every day. There are also folding copies, easy to store in a corner, under the bar tray or even hang on the wall. A swivel bar chair, meanwhile, offers the opportunity to turn without moving, which limits the comings and goings. During your aperitif dinners, your guests have access to everything on your bar. The latter structures the room in a harmonious way and conceals what needs to be, while allowing you to follow conversations. That’s why bar chairs has the favor of the public.

Do not forget to look at the footrest device as it is an important comfort element, as is the height adjustment. This can be done by pneumatic cylinder or gas, or by means of a joystick.


Between the high chairs for the garden and the indoor models, the range of materials and colors is very wide. For the garden, or for a rustic decor, prefer a bar chair in straw and wood, or rattan. For a refined atmosphere, choose the products in transparent materials and chromed metal. If you prefer to compose an elegant and warm atmosphere at the same time, leather and wood combine perfectly.

Regarding the maintenance, choose the materials that wash in a blow of sponge, because your stool of bar will serve essentially at the time of the meals, and then beware of the spots!

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